Saturday, 18 July 2009

What ever

3 more days. 3 more days and the summer is up. What a year! Taught some of my best classes ever (Y11) and hopefully the results will be good (remember to post them for me as I won't be there people, I will need to know while I am on honeymoon.) Yesterday was very interesting, saying goodbye to the tutor group for the summer was coolness, never had the experience of having a tutor group that is truely mine and seeing them move through a year in school- the previous one being Mrs Smith's (loser) group and all the craziness she did to them.

When the bell rings on Wednesday it will be awesome. Have no idea what I am going to do: apart from get married. Maybe I should set myself some challenges. Any thoughts? Are there still people who follow me blogging, apart from Suz who is the blog legd?

Peace for now:

One challenge: blog more.


Suz said...

Why thank you :) Your not half bad yourself. In terms of summer challengingness. I'm thinking learn a new skill. If it helps(though it probably doesn't) I'm learning to ride a unicycle! Well... trying to. Do something you've never done. Like, oooo I don't know. Bungee jumping, sky diving, base jumping (why do they all involve falling from a height?!) Anyhow. Hope the wedding goes well (and the honeymoon). Have a good summer too :)

Skin_and_Bones said...

i'm still following you
can't leave my duggie :)
take up a summer activity like tennis or golf
dougie playing golf.
If you get good enough i'll play you in tennis be a laugh
or go into a fight in your karate thing.
Anyway have fun on your wedding
we need to see some pictures of it
have fun on the honeymoon as well

GemmTwineyy said...

I'm still following!
I'm taking up golf for summer, first lesson on tuesday i'm bare excited!!
You will have an awesome wedding, make sure you put the pics up on facebook!
I reckon you should take up golf and we can go for a round one time! sounds like a plan! :P
I hear your getting the tattoo soon! when you getting it done??!
Mummy twine said i can get a tattoo! i just need to persuade her now that i want wings!!
speak soon :)

Me said...

hahah one more loyal follower :)
I'm not even gonna suggest my first thought because those sorts of things shouldn't be written down!

I think you should try read 100 books. big books. with little fonts. he he.

I can't wait to see you at the wedding, i'll be there standing um somewhere! and the after party. cant miss a party.

ooo i think you should try to learn to stand on your head.
that could be fun.

and where would you like results to be posted? facebook? here?

wow this comment was way too long.
ooo but where are you going on your honeymoon? - cos you should totally learn how to dive 'cos it is AWESOME!!!

no seriously. really awesome.

J. Robert Douglas said...

Cheers guys, some good suggestions.

olewis said...

I'll follow you until you stop being a legend (that could take a while). If you're looking for a challenge, write a story (short, long, novel, novella, whatever)about anything that takes your fancy. that's the great thing about writing, you can do whatever you want, because the story only has to meet YOUR expectations.

Suz said...

"One challenge: blog more."


Been a few months Dougie. I'm thinking you need to put some pen to paper, or fingers to keys. Understandably your all busy being married and what not. But there's always time for a bit of writing!

Hope your new classes are fun! Bet your missing teaching our amazingly awesome class. See that alliteration I slipped in there :)