Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I am sat blogging in my room wearing a t-shirt that says "Obama is my homeboy". This should be noted.

Today I came home I sorted through my post to find a leaflet from the British National Party. Obviously with all of the European elections in two weeks, all political parties are seeking votes, we last week had a flyer from UKIP. To see in my house a leaflet from the BNP made me shake with horror, had my local area come to a point where such a evily subversive party were allowed to walk on the streets. I feel like I am in Germany in 1933, receiving in the post a note signed by Adolf Hitler. Britain should be panicing when such hate mail is allowed to fall through letterboxes freely.

The other night they broadcast a Party Political Broadcast which I missed. I have just now watched it on YouTube. The first thing that grabs you is the amateurish nature of the film, my GCSE Media students could make a better film. The camera is shakey, the boom mic is in view, the party activists stumble over most of their words, it is stupidly bad. As Charlie Brooker points out in his blog about it, it is obvious why it is so bad, no proper media company would touch them, no matter how much money was offered. The most chilling thing is the words Nick Giffiths says, noting at once that his party would not support funding for projects "in minority" communities. Firstly, he is advocating a politcal areana where some are ignored and unsupported. His party constantly talk about the (white) majority who are forgotton by Westminster, so he wants to forget about a group himself- he is simply playing the same game. But the most chiling thing is that he is advocating starting ghettos. Hitler famously did this with the Jews in Germany, where minoriy groups were walled into parts of cities, monitored and forgotten. Obviously Griffin is selling himself on removing immigrants from the country, of "sending them back home", forgetting the fact they are home (most of "them" were born here and are second generation at least), anyone with an understanding of the movement of people and logisitics would realise this is not possible. What would end up happening if, god forbid, the BNP took power would be the realisation that this can't work and a second plan would be hatched which would involve another "solution"- see where I am going.

The fact is that extremist parties always grow in popularity in a time of political strife, and in particular economic problems. Before the recession we had heard from them in a growing manner, but now there is a surge in their place. No doubt when times are better we will give them less time and spot-light. The fear however is that people in Britain do not realise what they are letting into their houses through the letter box, on the TV and in theirs.



Robert Black Eyes said...

I think when it comes to talking about the B.N.P, most people immediately think racism. And that’s probably true, although I’m sure the B.N.P don't have to the stones to formally say it, they'd rather bury it underneath all their speeches about freedom.

I haven’t heard much about the B.N.P frankly, but whenever people are talking about them, they seem to be attacking them in all manner of ways, which is - probably - justified. I'd get rid of the '-probably-' if I’d actually seen any of their broadcasts. Not saying that I’d like their ideas, but that’s just my policy on evaluating things. Weighting two sides of an argument, using logic, something that you have taught us.

But what I do find almost alarming than peoples actual racial hatred, it is the hatred for it itself. It seems almost viral, racism isn't pleasant for sure, but really, neither is trying to inspire hate in anyone, about anything.

I'm sure someone will probably think in the back of their mind that I am now one of them a, 'racist'. Look, your doing it now. But really, I’m not. I can’t say I’ve really been involved with many other cultures, but I think I do have a curious and adventurous side to things. I am merely trying spread around an idea of inner peace. I’m not going to defend myself from it now, because I do not have anything to defend myself from.

Essentially, we should do all we can to not let racism be a part of ourselves, but it is really good that we have filled out selves with such a wicked, wicked hate within. It may be hate against something that justifies it, but no hate is good.

Reminds me a lot of the crucible. I mean, the Nazi’s were probably worse, but still, Salem was no happy place to be either....

Watermelonman said...

The problem with democracy is that there will always be some who take opinions like the BNP. But luckily we trust that the citizens are clever enough not to vote for them.

Though saying that, Bush got in twice...

And I have the same T-shirt :D

olewis said...

Reading your post, I am starting to see horryifyingly large parallels between the BNP and the Nazi regime, I mean, the Nazi's tried ghettos, when that didn't work, they killed them, a lot of the people in our year-group went to where they did it. it is an experience i will take with me to the grave. but that doesn't mean you should shut the BNP out, give them a fair chance, I'm sure you'll spend more time looking at Labour, Conservative and Lib. Dem. than you will at UKIP, but that doesn't mean that Labour are any better than the 'smaller' parties, look at what they're doing about the expenses row! this is what part of the democratic process is about, equality. so if we don't give the parties equal attention, then no-one outside 'the big three' will get a look in.

J. Robert Douglas said...

Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative are better than most of the smaller parties in the politcal spectrum. They represent the centre ground and the majority. The smaller parties represent extremist views- whether socialist or fascist. The point in any political structure is to show everyones views, 95% or more of political views are represented in the centre parties- the countries where this does not happen are countries where democracy is not working. People who vote for the fringe parties are people who cannot think an argument through to its conclusion and operate a fair existence.

General 'mother-taught" fairness says that we should give everyone a chance to speak- that we should give every party a say. But when these parties propone hurtful and hateful ideas then we cannot operate in fairness.

Politicians in the parliament may have made too many errors recently for us to trust them, but noone- the press, the politicians who did no wrong- are pushing for a removal from the 3 party system we have. Obviously part of that is to see that their party remains in power. But also they see that a turn away from this to a multi-voice free for all means letting in people who want to cause pain. The BNP sell pain, they feed off of everyone's annoyances and pain and they propose policies that bring pain to some people's lives. Labour/Lib Dem/Tory may annoy us with thier policies but none of thier policies bring pain.

The BNP ARE racist. The BNP ARE homonphobic. The BNP are hate. The fact that people hate THEM means that there is too much strife in their existence.

Me said...

The trouble with the BNP is that they want to exclude anyone who is not British. But what does it mean to be British?
The great British empire spanned many countries for many years. People who lived in these countries, and had never seen Britain were willing to fight and die for this country. Being British is not about being English it is about being part of a huge system, and everyone in it being joined by that one thing - Britishness.

The simple fact is the BNP are anti-british. They are against everything which being British stands for. They are just small minded, stupid and ignorant.

Yer you could probably tell I hate them. Well, that's my two cents!

Skin_and_Bones said...

I normal say that every group has a point, and yer they normal do. I think that british Citazens (can't spell) should be considered more for the job rather than a person who has been living in our country but hasn't bothered to fill out a form and get the british papers.

But i do belive the B.N.P are just a fancy Nazi group, they have replaced the Nazi side and kept there hair but apart from that they belive the same things (replacing the jews with imagrants) To be honest though we need them, if they do the jobs that everyone else doesn't want to do such as birger king. Then there is no problem with that, as long as they pay tax, then it is fine

Robert Black Eyes said...


Hate is hate?