Tuesday, 17 March 2009

When you walk through the garden, you better watch your back.

This whole world is stressy and annoying. By this world, I used to mean the one we live in most of the time. The blogopsphere is meant to be a place where we can chill. Where is all this hate coming from? So and so said this, so and so called the other this. Has blogger become Baghdag or Compton or East Hook, Brooklyn? I always saw it as somewhere nice like Malibu, San Diego or at worst Coventry. Stop the hate guys, this place is elite and bully free. Hugs not hits. Comments not confrontations.

Trust. Peace.


Me said...

.... Because the blogosphere is a place where everyone can write their opinions freely, what it a good idea in theory is not always quite so in practice as people have diffent ideas and this can lead to conflict. We don't mean
to, but we can not help ourselves, it was inevitable.

But I like your thinking, lets leave it for facebook and msn and blog in peace.

GemmTwineyy said...

Me and Emo here (BETH :D)
Would you like to come see us in H2, were bored and were scared to leave our computers!!
Plllleassee Weve got sweets to satisfy the chubster!! that was beth you know i wouldn't be mean to you.
Hurryy Upp! :D :D were here till half 5

J. Robert Douglas said...

Why would anyone want to spend time in school until half 5? I was gone before 4 today. I am thinking that this IT coursework is causing people to act strangely across school. Honestly, why is everyone going crazy over this?

GemmTwineyy said...

I was there till six in the end!!
Because there is so much to do. Honestly, that what got me so stressed. Don't worry though tonight payed off, because i only have to do fix my spellings now!! :D
I cant sleep tho cause I have slept from 7 till now, oh dear tonight is gonna drag out big time!!

olewis said...

I'll be writing a post about coursework over the post-ICT weekend. Check It Out!